Supporting the most stringent space simulation thermal requirements

Dynavac’s long leadership in space simulation and involvement with the most ambitious space programs challenges us to continually provide advanced and reliable thermal control hardware that delivers precise temperature control over the full range of conditions encountered by spacecraft. Whether a cubesat or space vehicle, we have the hardware to test your mission.

Thermal control hardware

Using proven design and manufacturing methodologies, Dynavac’s thermal control hardware provides precision performance and reliability during critical test periods. We offer a variety of standard sizes and configurations or we will build to your drawings.

  • Shrouds
  • Platens
  • Cold plates
  • Contamination plates
  • Scavenger panels

Hardware is constructed using materials with excellent thermal conductivity and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Our selection of extrusions supports most any type of thermal flow requirements. After construction, hardware is thermally cycled followed by helium leak testing to assure vacuum integrity. Final cleaning and packaging ensure efficient contamination-free installation.

Payload fixtures

Payload fixtures and carts are available to support high-value flight hardware during pre-test preparation and in-vacuum testing. We have several designs that can be customized to support specific hardware and weight requirements, or we can build to your drawings. Our manufacturing engineers ensure that all equipment meets your program’s stringent quality and metrology specifications.

High-emissivity coatings

Dynavac uses several high emissivity paints and coatings on its cryogenic hardware to optimize thermal exchange with the test article. Coatings are selected for specific applications based on several characteristics:

  • Emissivity/absorptivity values
  • Temperature range
  • Outgassing rate
  • Ease of application and cure cycle

Paints are applied in our state-of-the-art finishing facility using proven application procedures to ensure good adhesion, thickness control, and thermal performance.