Test Support Solutions

Proven Solutions to Support Flight Hardware Testing

In addition to system solutions, Dynavac offers a wide range of products to enhance and support testing of flight hardware.  Standard design platforms are available for most products or we can engineer a solution based on a specific test or hardware configuration.

Thermal Data Acquisition System

Dynavac’s TDAS provides real-time temperature display, alarming, and process data recording from the flight hardware.  The robust design platform supports various testing parameters, acquiring test article signals and collecting telemetry data from up to 1,000 input signals from the test article.    Data and status information are captured on multiple interface screens that include an interactive display of the flight hardware with its data points.

Please refer to the TDAS product sheet for additional information or contact us to arrange a demonstration via a webinar.

Auxiliary Thermal Control System

Dynavac’s ATCS adds auxiliary heating and power to flight hardware during test periods. Our flexible design platform enables customization of power channels and DC power output ranges to best suit your testing criteria.  Channels can be controlled by voltage output, power output, temperature, and ramp control.  The user-friendly user screens enable a seamless interface to system data and status information, including the ability to create and store custom test profiles.

Please refer to the ATCS product sheet for additional information or contact us to arrange a demonstration via a webinar.

Thermal Enclosures

Dynavac leverages its expertise in thermal technology to provide its customers with optically dense thermal enclosures for specialized testing requirements.  Using proven strategies for radiative heating methods, thermal panel design, and power source integration, we are able to simulate elevated thermal environments with exceptional stability and uniformity.  Systems come complete with control systems to capture, record, and plot critical performance data.

Payload Fixtures and Carts

Payload fixtures and carts are available to support high-value flight hardware during pre-test preparation and in-vacuum testing. We have several designs that can be optimized to support specific hardware and weight requirements, or we can build to your drawings. Our manufacturing engineers ensure that equipment meets stringent quality and metrology specifications that may be required by your program.


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