Vacuum Chambers

Tailored to Your Simulation Requirements

Chambers are the heart of thermal vacuum technology, creating a secure barrier between the external environment and the processes inside. Dynavac has designed, constructed, and serviced thermal vacuum chambers to test space equipment ranging from small electronic components to complete satellites. We offer designs and pumping configurations to support an array of test article sizes and shapes as well as performance criteria.

The Right Size, Shape, & Design

  • bell@2
  • horizontal@2
  • box@2
  • mailbox@2
  • topload@2
    Top Load

As with all our systems, we start with developing a clear understanding of how your chamber will be used and the processes that must be carried out inside it. Dynavac’s standard chamber designs range from 450mm-5m in diameter. Our engineers will custom-design vessels to accommodate larger payloads. Our chamber offerings include:

  • Horizontal, vertical, dome, top load, and mailbox configurations
  • Standard and custom engineered doors
  • Payload support structures and carts
  • Vibration isolation options

High-Performance Pumping Systems

Pumping equipment selection is based on performance, reliability, and readily available servicing. Our engineers work with you to determine the optimal system for your application based on chamber size, vacuum specification, and pumping speed.

  • Cryopumps: From industry-standard sizes to large pumps up to 1320mm (See our cryopump datasheet.)
  • Mechanical pumps
  • Turbo pumps


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