Large Astronomical Mirror Systems

Recognized Expertise in Telescope Optics  

Coating large astronomical mirrors requires advanced equipment design and engineering coupled with precision vacuum technology. With its unique blend of skills, Dynavac is recognized in the astronomical community as a supplier of systems for depositing high-reflectivity metals onto large astronomical telescope mirrors.

Proven Designs and Methods
Using proven chamber designs and deposition methods, our telescope mirror deposition systems provide an automated and highly reliable process for coating mirrors with aluminum, protected aluminum, or protected silver coatings. Dynavac’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Turnkey design, construction, and commissioning across the globe
  • Sputtering and evaporation technologies
  • Standard and custom-engineered deposition source tooling 
  • Coating  uniformity of better than +/-5% over the surface of the mirror
  • Conceptual design and process development services

Our Work on the Discovery Channel Telescope

Dynavac engineered and manufactured the optical coating system for the Lowell Observatory’s Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), the fifth largest optical telescope in the continental U.S.  You can learn more about how Dynavac's Astronomical Mirror Coating System helped capture "First Light" from the Discovery Channel Telescope by visiting our astronomical mirror news section.   Additionally, our work was featured on the Discovery Channel special “Scanning the Skies: The Discovery Channel Telescope.”     

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