A Small-Scale Optical System That Produces Big Results.

The Odyssey Series is a perfect solution for those who need small-scale production with the high quality results of a large, sophisticated system. Whether it’s pilot production or R&D, the Odyssey’s versatile design supports many types of deposition methods to produce highly efficient, uniform thin film coatings for even the most complex applications.


  • Typical coating uniformity is less than 2-3%  (less than .5% achievable in some configurations) 
  • System for small-scale production with high quality results of larger systems
  • Two sizes to meet a variety of R&D and pilot production requirements
  • Supports multiple deposition methods


Offered in two compact sizes-

  • Odyssey450-  450mmw x 450mm d x 600mm H
  • Odyssey600 - 600mm W x 600mm D x 700mm H

Full opening front door with viewport

Complete system housed in modular cabinet

Available options -  water cooling & additional ports for customer use

Pumping Systems

High Vacuum Pumping

  • 8” Cryopump and compressor
  • Optional turbopump configuration

Rough Vacuum Pumping

  • 14.6 CFM Rotary vane pump
  • Optional dry pump

Substrate Fixturing

The Odyssey platform offers a variety of fixtures for substrate handling. 

  • Planetary mechanism
  • Flat calotte
  • Segmented fixture
  • Domed fixture
  • Flipping mechanism

Pre-Deposition Treatments

Substrate Heating System 

  • Front-side quartz heating system
  • Back-side Calrod heating system
  • Custom solutions available for heating beyond 300oC

Glow-discharge cleaning system

Ion Source for substrate cleaning

Deposition Sources

Deposition Sources:

  • Single or Multi-pocket electron beam sources
  • High current thermal evaporation sources
  • Magnetron cathode – DC, pulsed DC and RF

Ion Sources:

  • End-Hall ion source with hollow-cathode neutralizer
  • RF ion source with hollow-cathode neutralizer


Layer Thickness Control

The Odyssey system offers state-of-the-art layer thickness control to ensure process flexibility, precision and reliability run after run. The following are available:


Control Systems

The Odyssey product line includes a Dynavac-designed control system that can be customized for your unique requirements.


  • Industrial programmable logic controller for high reliability 
  • Menu-driven graphical interface via LabVIEW software
  • Data logging with user-selected variables
  • Download capability from standard thin film design programs
  • Remote diagnostic capability


  • Electronics
  • Wear Coatings
  • Precision Optics 
  • Metallic Coatings
  • Thermal Performance Coatings
  • Barrier Coatings 



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