Spectrum-Pro Optical Monitoring System

Optimizing Coating Performance

The Dynavac Spectrum Pro software platform enables you to measure and adjust layer thickness via single wavelength or broadband monitoring to ensure process precision and reliability run after run. This provides an unparalleled level of control and automation for your precision optical coatings.   

Spectrum-Pro offers a range of monitoring strategies including reflectance, transmittance and direct monitoring. When integrated into Dynavac’s control system architecture, the Spectrum-Pro software package provides a single user interface for complete process and system control. It operates on a LabVIEWTM – based HMI and easily supports remote access.  

Dynavac’s Spectrum-Pro Broadband system allows the user to analyze and measure data across the entire spectrum of light. It builds upon the Single Wave Monitor platform, adding intelligent film analysis and in situ re-optimization.  Wide-band measurements of coatings are obtained in real time during deposition with a variety of high-speed spectrometers. Measurements are compared with coating models and if necessary adjusted in real time to achieve coating performance targets.

The Spectrum-Pro Broadband fully interfaces with OptiLayer’s OptiReOpt, a highly optimized function library that provides real-time coating analysis and thickness re-optimization from broadband monitor data. It also provides theoretical spectral data that can be used to simulate the coating process and verify measurement data.


  • Broadband and single wavelength layer monitoring options
  • Reflectance, Transmittance; Direct or Indirect, intermittent, continuous monitoring mode options
  • Multiple detector support; Silicon, InGaAs, and PMT options
  • Broadband System interfaces with OptiLayer’s OptiReOpt to offer In situ coating re-optimization
  • Dual Monitor mode allows traditional turning point monitoring with secondary detector (QCM)



  Single Wave Broadband Optional
Range (nm) 350-2000 200-1000 Custom range
Wavelength Step (nm) 0.08 0.5 (350-700 model) 0.025 with ½ meter
Light Source Quartz Tungsten Halogen Laser Driven
  • Muliple detector support
  • Silicon- (380-1000nm) w/adjustable gain amplifier
  • InGaAs- (900-1750nm) w/integrated selectable gain amplifier
CCD PMT and others
Slit (X by Y mm) .01-1 X 10 .02 X 2 fixed Optional Motorized
Data/Frame rate (n/sec) 10 200  
Monitoring Configuration Reflectance/Transmittance/Direct or Indirect (non-witness or witness); intermittent, continuous Reflectance/Transmittance/Direct Direct Planet monitor for the intermittent monitoring of multiple planets

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