Batch Sputtering Systems

Sputtering Systems Developed for Your Unique Application

Dynavac designs and builds sputter deposition systems for a variety of applications. Our systems can deposit metal films such as aluminum, silver, molybdenum, and chromium on glass, metal, plastic, or foils. Additionally, we sputter a wide range of semiconductor materials and dielectrics including transparent conductive oxides. Dynavac optimizes the type of sputter source and power supply for the process requirements, to ensure that sputtered films are smooth, dense, and adherent.

Features and System Configurations

Chamber Configurations

Available in many chamber configurations for batch and continuous production.

  • Cylindrical or rectangular
  • Load locks
  • Material handling

Sputtering Sources

Large-area systems for flat or multi-dimensional substrates

Sputter sources and power supplies are selected for optimal smoothness, density, and adhesion 

Sputtered films

  • RF, AC, and DC power
  • Planar and rotary magnetron sources
  • Reactive processes for oxides, nitrides, etc. 

Suitable for semiconductor materials, and dielectrics

Metal films such as aluminum, silver, molybdenum, and chromium on glass, metal, plastic, or foils.

Substrate Tooling & Heating

Substrate Tooling

Single Rotation

  • Flat calotte
  • Segmented fixture
  • Domed fixture
  • Flipping mechanism

Planetary Mechanism

  • Multi-planet, dual rotation configurations
  • Custom-engineered tooling

Substrate Heating System

  • Front-side quartz heating system
  • Back-side Calrod heating system

Control Systems

Our sputtering systems include a Dynavac-designed control system that can be customized for your unique requirements.


  • Industrial programmable logic controller for high reliability 
  • Menu-driven graphical interface via LabVIEW software
  • Data logging with user-selected variables
  • Download capability from standard thin film design programs
  • Remote diagnostic capability