High vacuum system upgrades and retrofits

A high vacuum system can last for decades.  Upgrades keep your system current with technological advances and replacing worn components ensures continued operations at full performance. Dynavac offers a complete selection of equipment, spare parts, and services to extend the life or capabilities of your existing system.  Whether a thin film, space simulation, or specialty vacuum system, work with Dynavac to protect your investment for many more years to come.

Standard and custom-engineered parts and full solutions

Whether a complete refurbishment or single-component upgrade, we offer both standard and custom-engineered parts and full solutions for practically any type of thin film coating, thermal vacuum, or custom system.  Upgrade options include:

  • Vacuum chamber modification
  • Internal hardware and material handling changes
  • Thin film process control upgrades and modernization
  • Thermal vacuum control systems upgrades and modernization
  • Pumping systems maintenance and upgrades
  • Substrate heating
  • Thermal control reconfiguration and upgrades

Upgrades can be done at our Hingham, MA facility or at your location by our highly-skilled field installation team