Experts in Space Simulation &
Thin Film Deposition Systems

Space Simulation

Few companies can rival our capabilities to simulate the harsh conditions of space through thermal vacuum technology.

Thin Film

Dynavac designs and manufactures world-class thin film deposition systems utilizing evaporation, sputtering, and plasma technologies.

Specialty Solutions

Turnkey, custom vacuum systems for demanding scientific instruments, quantum computers, fusion, and other applications.

Unequalled expertise and capabilities in space simulation, thin film, and custom vacuum systems

Almost 40 years supporting our customers with their toughest challenges in thin film coating, space simulation, and custom vacuum systems. Our systems range from small, stand-alone PVD coaters for research and development to the very largest, field-constructed thermal vacuum chambers for testing manned spacecraft.

Thin Film Application Lab

Ensure that your thin film coating processes and equipment are precisely designed and optimized before you commit to the capital investment.


Downtime is costly. We support you through the entire lifecycle of our products. We pride ourselves on being responsive, from efficient start-up and commissioning, to routine maintenance, to emergency services.

System Upgrades

Make the most of your existing investment with upgrades ranging from single components to complete refurbishments.

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