Dynavac designs and manufactures world-class thin film deposition systems that utilize evaporation, sputtering, and plasma technologies. From precision optical and decorative coatings to high-reflective films for astronomical mirrors, our physical vapor deposition (PVD) and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD) solutions optimize the quality and performance of your end product while helping you reduce costs.

Thin film coating systems

Thin film coating systems covering a wide array of applications. Nearly 40 years of expertise and full commitment to customer support.

Batch PVD Coating

Flexible systems built to your specifications.

Optical PVD Coating

PVD systems optimized for precision optics and astronomical mirrors.

Batch PE-CVD DLC Systems

Amorphous diamond-like carbon coatings for extreme applications.

Inline Deposition Systems

High-performance, high-reliability systems for inline coating.


See the wide range of vacuum chambers, sputtering sources, substrate tool and heating, and control systems that Dynavac uses to build high-performance, high reliability thin film deposition systems for a wide variety of coating applications.