Industry-leading capabilities focused on customer success

Since 1982 Dynavac has specialized in the application of high-vacuum technology in thin film deposition and space simulation. Our industry-leading capabilities are bolstered by a dedicated, talented staff with the specialized skills needed to design, build, and support the very best equipment for the most demanding customers in the world.

Design and manufacturing capabilities

At Dynavac, we design and manufacture our systems to the highest standards. Dynavac’s world-class engineering team has expertise spanning process engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and software development. Together with our fabrication experts, we have the competencies to develop complex high-vacuum systems from concept to commissioning.

We have over 100,000 square feet in Hingham and Pembroke Massachusetts. Dynavac’s Hingham facility serves as the company’s headquarters and houses engineering, business development, and advanced manufacturing.  Hingham facility is also used for system integration and test, light manufacturing, expansion of our thin film application lab and R&D efforts.

The Pembroke facility features ample high-bay space to build the very largest systems and components needed by our customers.  Additionally, there is dedicated space to fully assemble and test systems.  The finishing operation supports stringent paint procedures.

Dynavac operates under the control of a quality assurance plan that is registered to ISO-9001 standards. A fully integrated ERP system supports our operations.

In addition to our workspace, Dynavac makes substantial investments in capital equipment to expand capacity and streamline business processes. A six-axis robotic laser cutting system will transform our vacuum chamber manufacturing process, reducing manufacturing costs, and in this time of high market demand, reduce vacuum chamber manufacturing lead time.

Dynavac continues grow our group of skilled employees: vital to the company’s growth and to our commitment to manufacturing in New England.

Our continuing investment in facilities, workforce, and equipment strengthens Dynavac’s leadership in production capacity, methods, and quality.  Our customers demand increasing technical sophistication from Dynavac’s systems.   Dynavac is committed to providing them the very best design, manufacturing, test, and support capabilities in our industry.

Field-constructed systems

Our customers operate some of the largest test chambers in the world. We have a long history of designing and building systems and components at this scale to support the development and test of very large payloads. We are highly experienced in the role of prime- or sub-contractor when building a new facility or upgrading existing chambers.

Onsite installation and commissioning

Our experienced engineers and field service personnel are often onsite for the installation and commissioning of our thin film and space simulation equipment. We make sure our systems are up and running at their full specified performance level, and help train customer staff in all aspects of system operation.