Thermal conditioning units for
precise flight test temperature control

Thermal control systems are essential for verifying the impact of extreme and volatile environmental conditions on space-bound hardware. With 30-plus years of industry experience, Dynavac provides sophisticated thermal conditioning units to obtain the precise and accurate test results needed for today’s most challenging programs.

Thermal conditioning units covering all space simulation needs

Dynavac offers thermal control strategies to support a variety of test profiles. Our engineers provide support in selecting the best solution by analyzing several factors such as operating range, ramp rate, uniformity, and heat load generated from the test article.

  • Flooded Liquid Nitrogen: -190C
  • Circulating Gaseous Nitrogen: -180C to 150C
  • Mechanical Refrigeration: -70C to 125C
  • Gaseous Helium: As low as 20K
  • Radiant Heating: Up to 200C

Dynavac Gaseous Nitrogen Thermal Conditioning Units

Dynavac gaseous nitrogen thermal conditioning units give precise, stable control of hardware over a wide temperature range.  They operate from -180C to 150C using a closed-loop, forced convection method that provides efficient operation for long-term testing.

  • -180C to +150C operating range
  • 100, 400, 500, 1000, and 1500 cfm blowers
  • Custom configurations available