Quality thin film deposition components, carefully integrated into application-specific systems

Dynavac designs and builds PVD and PE-CVD systems for many applications and markets. We work closely with you to choose the thin film deposition components—from chambers through to control systems—that together meet your most demanding coating needs.

PVD deposition sources

Large-area systems for flat or multi-dimensional substrates. Our deposition sources and power supplies are selected for optimal film smoothness, density, and adhesion.

Sputtered films

  • RF, AC, and DC power
  • Planar and rotary magnetron sources
  • Reactive processes for oxides, nitrides, etc.

PVD sources

  • High current thermal sources
  • Electron beam evaporation

Ion sources

  • End-Hall ion source
  • RF ion source with hollow cathode neutralizer

Control systems

Our thin film deposition systems include Dynavac-designed control systems customized for your unique requirements.

  • Industrial programmable logic controller for high reliability
  • Menu-driven graphical interface via LabVIEW software
  • Data logging with user-selected variables
  • Download capability from standard thin film design programs
  • Remote diagnostic capability

Vacuum chambers

Our chambers are available in many configurations for batch and in-line coating:

  • Cylindrical or rectangular
  • Load locks
  • Integrated material handling

Substrate tooling and heating

A wide selection of substrate tooling and heating choices are available. We also design innovative custom tooling, heating, and material handling solutions.

Optical monitoring

Dynavac’s Spectrum Pro Optical Monitoring System ensures process precision and reliability run after run. The system measures and adjusts deposition layer thickness via single wavelength or broadband monitoring giving an unparalleled level of control and automation for your precision optical coatings

Dynavac’s Spectrum-Pro Broadband system allows the user to analyze and measure data across the entire spectrum of light. It builds upon the Single Wave Monitor platform, adding intelligent film analysis and in situ re-optimization. Wide-band measurements of coatings are obtained in real-time during deposition with a variety of high-speed spectrometers. Measurements are compared with coating models and adjusted in real-time to achieve coating performance targets.

Spectrum Pro highlights

  • Broadband and single wavelength layer monitoring options
  • Reflectance, Transmittance; Direct or Indirect, intermittent, continuous monitoring modes available
  • Multiple detector support; Silicon, InGaAs, and PMT options
  • Interfaces with OptiLayer’s OptiReOpt to offer in situ coating re-optimization
  • Dual Monitor mode allows traditional turning point monitoring with secondary detector (QCM)