High-performance, high-reliability batch PVD systems for thin film deposition

Dynavac designs and builds batch PVD systems for a wide variety of applications. Our systems can deposit metal films such as aluminum, silver, molybdenum, and chromium on glass, metal, plastic, or foils.

Additionally, we sputter a wide range of semiconductor materials and dielectrics including transparent conductive oxides. Dynavac optimizes all aspects of the system to ensure that sputtered films are smooth, dense, and adherent. And after nearly 40 years in the business, we’re here to stay with customer service second to none.

Full range of deposition processes supported—sputtering through thermal evaporation

Each Dynavac thin film system is built for superior performance- from small batch and R&D coating systems to large-area systems with flat or multi-dimensional substrates. Our deposition sources and power supplies are selected for optimal film smoothness, density, and adhesion.

Sputtered films

  • RF, AC, and DC power
  • Planar and rotary magnetron sources
  • Reactive processes for oxides, nitrides, etc.

PVD sources

  • High current thermal sources
  • Electron beam evaporation

Ion sources

  • End-Hall ion source
  • RF ion source with hollow cathode neutralizer

Industry-leading customer support

We’ve been in the thin film business since 1982 and know how to deliver top-notch customer support. Our dedication to customer success starts with the design process, runs through manufacturing, commissioning, and field service. And with the Dynavac Application Lab we can partner with you from the very first steps in designing coating processes and systems.

Dynavac batch PVD system highlights

Dynavac batch PVD applications include