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Sirius turnkey thermal vacuum systems for mini and medium class spacecraft

Dynavac has worked closely with leading aerospace companies for over forty years and brings our industry leading expertise to the Sirius family of thermal vacuum test systems.

The Sirius family of standardized platforms covers thermal vacuum test requirements for payloads in the mini to medium satellite size classes with chamber diameters of 3 to 8 feet and lengths up to 10 feet.

These systems offer turnkey operation, and include Dynavac’s HMI and control system- preferred by leading aerospace companies.

A choice of thermal platforms provide accurate and stable thermal environments based on test requirements and available facility utilities:  Sirius-MR with mechanical refrigeration, Sirius-LN2 with direct-injection liquid nitrogen cooling, and Sirius-GN2 with Dynavac’s Thermal Conditioning Units (TCUs) to heat and cool using gaseous nitrogen.  Active platens and thermal shrouds are fully integrated into the control system.

Sirius thermal vacuum systems can be configured with a standard array of options, or fully customized to meet unique test requirements.

Sirius three foot thermal vacuum systems
Sirius 8 foot thermal vasuum system
  • Cylindrical chambers from 3 x 3ft to 8 x 10ft (dia x length)
  • Other chamber shapes available
  • Full opening door; optional viewport
  • Standard array of user ports; custom port configurations available
  • Base pressure <10-6 Torr
  • Dry mechanical roughing pump
  • High vacuum cryopump; turbomolecular pumps optional
  • Thermally active platen and shrouds
  • Three thermal platforms:
    • Sirius-MR: Mechanical refrigeration; -70 to +125C standard
    • Sirius-LN2: Direct-injection LN2; -180 to +150C
    • Sirius-GN2: Gaseous nitrogen heating and coooling; -180 to +150C
  • Dynavac fully integrated HMI and control system
  • Operator interface through industry standard LabVIEW on high-def display
  • PLC-base chamber controls for fully-interlocked and fail-safe operation
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Auxiliary thermal control system
  • Payload loading carts
  • Signal and power feedthroughs

Highly configurable with standard options- or full customization