Develop and test electric propulsion thrusters under space conditions.

Dynavac’s expertise in space simulation and vacuum pumping gives you turnkey systems to develop and test spacecraft electric propulsion under tightly controlled and realistic space conditions. Maintaining proper chamber pressure is key; our systems reliably and accurately create the conditions to flight-test your thrusters.

Electric propulsion test system highlights

  • Stainless steel vacuum chambers available from 5ft and up
  • Vacuum levels are maintained by a matched rough- and high-vacuum pumps capable of 10-7 torr
  • Internal cold arrays at 20K enable pumping of condensable gasses such as Xenon, Krypton, and Iodine
  • Water or liquid nitrogen cooled beam dump target lined with low-sputtering materials such as graphite. Other target materials available.
  • Our electric propulsion test systems can be easily configured to serve as thermal vacuum test systems
  • Variety of test stands including vibration isolation options
Dynavac EPT/TVAC system