Flight test your hardware from earth's surface to alien worlds

Dynavac and Weiss Technik offer a complete line of environmental chambers covering the full range of environmnents encountered in aerospace applications.  High-altitude missions subject components and systems to harsh temperature, humidity, and temperature conditions.  New, daring planetary missions with rovers and drones must operate and succeed on exotic surfaces and in unusual atmospheres.

Exoplanet environmental test systems

Emerging, ambitious space missions such as regolith testing and extraterrestial UAVs need innovative test systems for realistic enviromental simulation.  Dynavac’s highly-collaborative approach givees customers a unique solutions giving the exact environmental conditions to build full confidence before flight.

  • Chambers available from 5 to 20 feet; larger chambers including field-constructed facilities can be custom manufactured
  • Chamber pressures cover from high vacuum conditions to 1241 torr (4 to 24 psi)
  • Automated pressure control system holds chamber pressure within +/- 10 torr
  • Temperature range of –180C to +150C
  • Temperature uniformity of +/- 5C across entire chamber volume and temperature stability of +/- 2C
  • Precision pressure and temperature control
  • Surface conditions (regolith), atmospheric composition, and winds can be replicated in the chamber
  • Oxygen monitor verifies internal chamber air quality

Environmental Chambers

Weiss Technik Environmental Test Chambers incorporate innovative engineering and advanced technology. The quality construction, long-lasting durability, and future-proof chamber performance are unmatched in the industry. Test chamber sizes range from small reach-in chambers to large walk-in chambers. These chambers may be tailored to meet your specific testing needs, simulating any environment from earth to space.

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  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Thermal Shock
  • Altitude
  • Combined temperature, humidity & vibration
  • And other environments

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Weiss Technik/ Dynavac environmental chambers