Hyperion optical coating system

Hyperion optical coating system highlights

  • Typical coating uniformity is less than 2-3% (less than .5% achievable in some configurations)
  • Standard chamber sizes from 760mm–3m; larger chambers built to order
  • Evaporation, sputtering, and ion-assisted process technologies
  • Standard and custom-engineered fixtures
  • Clear, intuitive control interface
  • Advanced optical monitoring solutions

Hyperion applications include

  • Bandpass filters
  • Astronomical filters
  • Anti-reflection optics
  • Electronics
  • Laser optics

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Hyperion Optical Coating System

Dynavac leverages nearly 40 years of expertise in optical coating technology in the Hyperion series. Hyperion optical coating systems handle some of today’s most sophisticated optical coatings, with a variety of chamber sizes, fixturing, deposition technologies, and process control options that can be configured for most any type of process requirement.

No matter how complex your coating challenge—anti-reflective, high reflectors, edge filters, polarizers, beam splitters—you can be confident in a proven platform with a reputation for producing precise and repeatable coatings run after run.

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Hyperion features and system configurations