Field constructed systems for the largest test facilities

Conventional thermal vacuum systems won’t serve testing requirements at the scale of the largest satellites and spacecraft. At these sizes, vacuum chambers must be custom designed and constructed to meet both test requirements and the layout of the facility.

Dynavac is the leader in massive spacecraft test facilities

Thermal vacuum chambers at these scales are highly specialized and constructed as an integral part of a test facility. Dynavac is the leading company in the design and support of these giant thermal vacuum systems at sites across the United States. We have designed and built test systems with chambers over 40 feet.

Longstanding partnership with Matrix Service Company

Dynavac and Matrix Service Company have a long and successful track record designing, building, and supporting field constructed thermal vacuum systems. Matrix Service provides unparalleled experience in critical infrastructure in aerospace, energy, and industrial markets.

Recent projects delivered successfully by Dynavac and Matrix include Lockheed Gateway and Ball Aerospace.

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