Creating the environment for mission success

Thermal Control Equipment

Dynavac understands that the correct thermal conditions for your thermal vacuum testing is critical. Temperature, thermal uniformity, and rate of change parameters must all be met predicably and consistently.

We offer thermal control systems and hardware using mechanical refrigeration, liquid nitrogen, gaseous nitrogen, and, for the most demanding tests, gaseous helium.

Our thermal control hardware and subsystems provide the exact thermal environment you need.

Heat Flux Cages

Subject spacecraft and components of any size to the heat loads of solar radiation

Thermal Control Hardware

Shrouds, cold plates, and active platens to precisely control test article temperature and ramp rates

Thermal Conditioning Units

Dynavac’s full line of Thermal Conditioning Units deliver conditioned gaseous nitrogen over a temperature range of -180 to +150C

Auxiliary Temperature Control

Auxiliary Temperature Control System (ATCS) delivers independently controlled channels of power to test articles and equipment inside a chamber.