Thermal vacuum systems for smallsats and satellite components

While SmallSats have revolutionized the space industry with amazing capabilities in small form factors, breakthrough prices, and often in orbit redundancy, the need for rigorous environmental testing remains.

Dynavac has distilled its forty years of thermal vacuum testing into the SmallSatTVS line of turnkey systems optimized to deliver Dynavac value, performance, reliability at an attractive price to the smallsat market.

  • Cube chambers with 12, 24, and 36” internal working dimensions
  • Cylindrical chambers available as option
  • Full opening door
  • Standard array of user ports; custom port configurations available
  • Base pressure <10-6 Torr
  • Dry mechanical roughing pump and high vacuum turbomolecular pump
  • Thermally active platen
  • Temperature ranges of up to -180 to +150C by direct injection LN2 and Calrod heaters
  • Dynavac fully integrated control system
  • Operator interface through intuitive touchscreen display
  • PLC based chamber controls for fully interlocked and fail safe operation
  • Type T thermocouples available to user as an option
  • Mechanical refrigeration
  • Thermal shroud
  • Cold plates and cold fingers
  • Data acquisition system

Highly configurable with standard options- or full customization