Complete space simulation systems

Dynavac is one of the few companies in the world with the capabilities to simulate the harsh conditions of space through thermal vacuum technology. As a long-time trusted partner of the aerospace industry we support all aspects of flight testing and space simulation—from hardware space qualification to bakeout, from smallsats to large satellites and manned space capsules.

Thermal Vacuum Testing

Dynavac builds complete solutions with comprehensive data collection tools, helping ensure your equipment is ready for the extremes of space flight.

Heat Flux Cages

Subject spacecraft to extreme heat during thermal vacuum testing

Electric Propulsion Testing

Thermal vacuum chambers to develop, test, and qualify electric thrusters.

Vacuum Bakeout Systems

Prepare contamination-sensitive hardware for space flight.

High Altitude Thermal Testing

Test flight hardware in real-life conditions from the ground to the edge of space.

Proven space simulation components for rigorous testing under the harsh conditions of space

Our extensive range of components cover all your flight hardware testing and space simulation needs—from chambers, to thermal control, to data acquisition, to system automation and control. There are no second chances after launch, so whether a standard platform or a custom design, Dynavac works with you on the ground to ensure success in space.


From thin film deposition to thermal vacuum to custom one-of-a-kind systems, Dynavac innovation in high vacuum systems helps our customers excel in their markets. Learn more about the many markets we serve.