Market leading integrated system control

System Controls and HMI

Dynavac’s system controls are recognized as the best in the industry. Our forty years’ experience in space simulation is captured in our controls flexible, reliable, and turn key.

Our two tier architecture gives the user a clean and intuitive graphical interface, with a programmable logic controller (PLC) provides the control and supervisory functions for the chamber subsystems: intuitive, reliable, and robust.

Full PC based operator interface

System operators use a keyboard and large LCD monitor display to control and monitor the system. The intuitive graphical interface is based on industry standard LabVIEW software.

Operators have full control of the system and extensive measuring and monitoring of aspects of the test environment.

The operator interface can be situated next to the chamber or in a remote control room

Dynavac TVAC operator interface and HMI

Touchscreen operator interface

For smaller chambers and simpler test protocols, a 9 inch color LCD touch screen gives full the system operator access to all controller functions, system data, and recorded thermocouple data. Users can easily define and store test protocols.