Odyssey precision optical coating system

System highlights

  • Typical coating uniformity is less than 2-3% (less than .5% achievable in some configurations)
  • Compact system for small-scale production with the high-quality results of larger systems
  • Two sizes to meet a variety of R&D and pilot production requirements
  • Supports multiple sputtering and thermal evaporation deposition processes

Odyssey applications include

  • Bandpass filters
  • Astronomical filters
  • Anti-reflection optics
  • Electronics
  • Laser optics

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Odyssey 450 Deposition System

A small-scale optical system that produces big results. The Odyssey optical coating system series is a perfect solution for optical PVD thin film coating in R&D, pilot, or small-scale production. Dynavac’s nearly 40 years of thin film experience gives you the high-quality results of a large, sophisticated system in a small footprint. Odyssey’s versatile design supports many types of deposition methods to produce highly efficient, uniform thin film coatings for even the most complex applications.

Odyssey features and system configurations