Thermal vacuum systems for larger test articles

Spacecraft in the medium to large classes come with more complex test requirements. Larger chambers, test article handling, test regimes, and the number of instrumentation channels needs all point to more custom thermal vacuum systems.

Dynavac’s Rigel family of system covers chambers from 8 to 16 feet (diameter or height). A selection of chamber geometries is available to match test article size and facility space. Time proven subsystems and our industry leading integrated controls give flexible, turnkey operation.

Contact Dynavac and see how a Rigel system can be configured to your exact needs.

  • Cylindrical, cube, or D shaped chambers designed to your requirements
  • Chambers up to 16 feet (diameter or height)
  • Base pressure <10-6 Torr
  • Dry mechanical roughing pump and high vacuum cryopumps
  • Thermally active platen and shroud
  • Temperature ranges up to -180 to +150C using Dynavac gaseous nitrogen Thermal Control Units
  • Dynavac fully integrated control system
  • Operator interface through industry standard LabVIEW on high definition display
  • PLC based chamber controls for fully interlocked and fail safe operation
  • Thermal data acquisition system
  • Auxiliary thermal control system
  • Payload loading carts
  • Signal and power feedthroughs

Highly configurable with standard options- or full customization