Dynavac’s Confocal Sputtering Systems enables deposition of multiple layer thin films in a single run.  Its compact design is ideal for small-scale production or for use in research trials.  Layers can be deposited sequentially using a single material or by co-sputtering multiple materials.  Co-sputtering offers several benefits and serves as an effective method to produce complex alloys of metallic materials.

confocal sputtering systems

Our flexible system architecture supports many process types and production demands. Features and available options include:

  • Available with 2-4 Circular cathodes arranged in a confocal geometry.
    • 2, 3, 4 or 6-inch diameter magnetron target options
    • Flex mount cathodes provide high flexibility and precision in the target positioning to achieve desired substrate uniformity.
  • DC or Pulsed DC power supplies
  • Sputter up or sputter down configurations
  • Closed loop gas control for precise process control
  • Substrate rotation up to 30 rpm to enhance uniformity
  • Variety of mechanical and high vacuum pumping options
  • PLC based automation with HMI interfaceconfocal sputtering system

Available Options

  • Ion assisted deposition
  • Load-lock chamber to minimize process chamber contamination and improve cycle time
  • Substrate heating and cooling
  • Deposition monitoring control
  • RF plasma etch for substrate pre-treatment

Contact us with your requirements to get the process started.

confocal sputtering system