Flight test your hardware to the edge of space.

High-altitude missions subject components and systems to harsh conditions. Dynavac’s engineered High-Altitude Thermal Test systems allow you to develop and test your flight hardware under realistic conditions where off-the-shelf chambers won’t meet your requirements.

Emerging, ambitious space missions such as regolith testing and extraterrestial UAVs need innovative environmental test systems for realisting enviromental simulation.  Dynavac’s highly-collaborative approach to custom solutions help build the confidence you need before flight.

High-altitude thermal test highlights

  • Chambers available from 5 to 20 feet; larger chambers including field-constructed facilities can be custom manufactured
  • Chamber pressures between 226 and 1241 torr (4 to 24 psi)
  • Automated pressure control system holds chamber pressure within +/- 10 torr
  • Temperature range of –180C to +150C
  • Temperature uniformity of +/- 5C across entire chamber volume and temperature stability of +/- 2C
  • Precision pressure and temperature control
  • Oxygen monitor verifies internal chamber air quality