Hingham MA January 6, 2022  Dynavac, a leading supplier of space simulation test systems and equipment, congratulates all who worked on the James Webb Space Telescope on a successful Christmas Day launch.  We anxiously await the first images and science from the telescope.

Dynavac is proud to have played a part in the critical environmental testing of JWSTs many sub-systems including the Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam), the Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM), and Solar Shield.  To test at deep space temperatures as low as 30 Kelvin, JWST partners Northrop Grumman, Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, and NASA Goddard all tapped Dynavac to outfit their existing thermal vacuum chambers with new gaseous helium cryogenic cold walls.

JWST testing Dynavac shroud

JWST emerges from thermal vacuum testing in Chamber A

The James Webb Space Telescope underwent extensive thermal vacuum testing in NASA’s historic Chamber A at the Johnson Space Center.  Originally built for the Apollo program, Chamber A underwent extensive upgrades for JWST testing.  Dynavac was instrumental in this upgrade of this chamber- the world’s largest thermal vacuum system- building a helium-refrigerated cold wall to support full space environmental testing of the mechanical, electronics and radiation cooling systems aboard the vehicle.

Comprised of multiple panels up to 40 feet long, the aluminum superstructure formed a test envelope inside the chamber spanning 45 feet in diameter and 64 feet high.  Dynavac used its full range of capabilities- engineering design, unique fabrication techniques, field installation capabilities and project management skills to meet the rigorous quality standards of the mission.

One example of the many challenges successfully met by Dynavac is the skill to make more than 7000 critical welds done on site at the Johnson Space Center- each passing x-ray inspection.

Dynavac is proud to have  supported the JWST program and honored to bring nearly 40 years’ experience in space flight simulation and environmental test to this most demanding and ambitious space program.  We offer our congratulations to all those involved with the JWST and wish the mission godspeed- here’s to a long and successful mission!

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Image credits: NASA