Hingham Massachusetts, July 7, 2015 Dynavac is pleased to announce the full release of its Spectrum-Pro Broadband Optical Monitoring platform to measure coating data across the entire spectrum of light. This system builds upon the Single Wave Monitor platform adding intelligent film analysis and in situ re-optimization.  Wide-band measurements of coatings are obtained in real time during deposition with a variety of high-speed spectrometers. Measurements are compared with coating models and if necessary adjusted in real time to achieve coating performance targets.

Spectrum-Pro offers a range of monitoring strategies including reflectance, transmittance and direct monitoring. When integrated into Dynavac’s control system architecture, the Spectrum-Pro software package provides a single user interface for complete process and system control. It operates on a LabVIEWTM – based HMI and easily supports remote access.

The Spectrum-Pro Broadband fully interfaces with OptiLayer’s OptiReOpt, a highly optimized function library that provides real-time coating analysis and thickness re-optimization from broadband monitor data.

Learn more about Dynavac’s Spectrum-Pro Broadband Platform.