Develop, Test, and Prepare for the Rigors of Space Flight

From sub-orbital to deep-space missions, Dynavac is the clear leader in space simulation- we have supported spaceflight development, test, and preparation since 1982.

Space simulation systems and hardware

Dynavac’s space simulation systems support the development and testing requirements for spaceflight. Our systems are used in all phases of development and test, from preflight qualification of components, systems, and spacecraft, through to acceptance testing, and then vacuum bakeout in preparation for launch.

Our vacuum, thermal, and data acquisition systems simulate the extremes of sun radiation and the deep background cold of space, giving full thermal cycling as well as the space environment of vibration, acoustical, RF susceptibility, and all other necessary flight hardware test requirements. With Dynavac’s nearly 40 years supporting the aerospace industry, we understand all the critical details needed for successful, rigorous flight testing.

We’ve partnered with every major player in aerospace- universities, NASA, prime- and sub-contractors, and FFRDCs like the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dynavac has participated in a multitude of high-profile, ambitious missions such as The James Webb Space Telescope and the Artemis Manned Space Capsule. In recent years, our space simulation systems have been increasingly used in the rapidly growing cubesat and smallsat segment.

Dynavac space simulation systems for aerospace flight testing